Garment Textile

Barqat Provide services of Branding, Printing, Embroidery, and Labeling on Garments & Textiles. We do provide printing services in Dubai, UAE for Promotional marketing marathons, Sponsorship Games, Events and gathering. We provide different Printing and labeling services for Shirts, Round Neck T Shirts, Corporate T Shirts.

We have a huge verity of Ready Made T-shirts in different kinds of sizes in large quantities. We have 100s of thousands Fresh T-shirts Stock in round neck White, Red and black color in all Sizes with all type of fabrics are available from well known manufacturers.

T Shirt embroidery is very popular marketing techniques used by various companies. It is a method of embroidery in which a design or company logo is imposed on a screen of the T Shirt. Embroidery is the strongest method of customizing T-shirts. One thing need to be kept in mind is the embroidery will still stuck on it like its never go from the T-shirts as compare to printing technique due to high use of high Bleach or powder.

Barqat different garment printing services .like Heat transfer prints, Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Sublimation Printing. Heat transfer printing is clean and environmentally safe, which makes it attractive in today's health and safety conscience work environments.

Digital printing is considered as a new as compared to other printing methods. And works in the same way as an inkjet printer but we use t-shirts instead of paper. What sets it apart from other printing processes is that it can produce much higher resolution prints, making it great for replicating detailed images onto your t-shirt.